Sunday, March 21, 2010

Military Monday!

Welcome back to Military Monday! Over the past few weeks I have featured shops with items that would be perfect for the kiddie’s Easter baskets; today I am going to feature a shop that is for those grown up baskets. Believe it or not, some folks do give an Easter basket to the biggest kids in their lives.

Today’s shop is Lilac Ave. A shop with beautiful and yummy smelling candles.

A few weeks ago my last two Yankee Candles burned out and I knew I needed to replace them. We have guests coming next week and monsoon season had left the dogs smelling very… doggish. New Yankee Candles just were not in the budget, but on top of that my son’s allergy and asthma doctors had recommended switching to soy candles. I decided to give Lilac Ave. a try. The price is so great that I figured if they bothered my son’s asthma, I wouldn’t be out that much.

Well, I opened the box and immediately decided that if they bothered him, I would just burn the candles when he isn’t home or stock up on his medications (ok, not really). So… there was this smell coming from the box. I was a little confused because I knew it wasn’t what I had ordered. It smelled like cookies and I had ordered Grapefruit and Jasmine, and Fresh Linen. Turns out, Lilac had included a sample of one of her tarts! I quickly hid it so DH wouldn’t be expecting cookies!

Going to a friend’s house for Easter lunch? Take the host/hostess a darling one-of-a-kind candle. Going to a cookout? Take along a citronella candle in a festive spring bucket.


  1. Great feature! I love LilacAve candles!!

  2. Very nice feature. Her tarts are sooo yummy smelling. I can't wait to try the candles!

  3. She has a wonderful shop full of exciting scents!!!!

  4. Love her candles! I just got my first ones from her a few weeks ago. They smell SO GOOD!

  5. Thanks so so so much for the feature. Love hearing such great feedback!