Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A New Promotion

About a week ago I was asked to participate in a special promotion for the 4th of July, put on by Independent Artisans. They wanted to feature my Red, White and Blue Magnets and Hair Pins. How could I say no? LOL! Stop by their website, Twitter or Facebook page to check out all the fabulous artisans who are featured. This photo is one of my personal favorites!

Oh, and now all memory boards are 50% off. Stop by the shop and check them out. I will be closing that shop on July 1!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Poll

I've decided that the Hold It! shop needs its own look. I'm applying to several fall craft shows and I think that shop needs the whole shebang to help it stand out and have folks remember me (that is the whole point in doing shows right?). But... I can't decide what I want. I had a great set picked out but the seller hasn't gotten back to me on changes. As an Etsy seller who prides herself in good customer service, I'm a little frustrated with that.

So, I need your help. Leave a comment with the number you think I should choose!

#1 Wild Things
#2 Film Noir
#3 Monochrome Damask

#4 Red Vines

#5 Girlie Swirly