Friday, May 28, 2010

Growing Pains!

Today I added a new line of products to the Hold It! shop... BROOCHES! I am very excited about this line as it will get my flowers into a different category in searches and therefore, more exposure. Each flower is approximately 2.5" in diameter. I am considering going to a larger size but won't do that until I can find a larger pin back to support the weight of the flower; cotton gets pretty heavy when you starch it a gazillion times. And as always, if you want to pay through someone other than PayPal, you can shop at 1000 Markets and use your Amazon account.

There is even more news! The Memories To You shop is still having a sale. All memory boards are now 40% off the original price! Some are reduced to nearly 50% off. My plan is to close that shop on July 1 so that I can get the leftover merchandise ready for the move. The flower shop will stay open because those items are small enough to go in the car with me.

Monday, May 24, 2010

New Markdowns!

The move date is getting closer and I still have tons of inventory on hand. So... all memory boards are marked down by at least 40%. Take advantage of the sale while you still can.