Sunday, March 14, 2010

Military Monday

Military Monday is my way of honoring great shops owned by Military supporters. With Easter approaching I thought this week I would focus on shops that have great Easter basket items. And I have personal experience with both of these great shops.

Suds n Such has the cutest soaps for kids. I wanted to try handmade soaps for my son because I had read they were better for his eczema. Angie was so sweet to answer all my questions and tell me about the ingredients she uses. I ended up buying him the popcorn soap figuring it was a good way to try it out. This soap is so cute! Not only does it come in a “tub” like real popcorn but also it smells like real popcorn! Don’t let that scare you… the smell does not transfer to your hands. You just end up smelling and feeling clean. The best part of this soap is that it is portable. We recently took a trip and I popped a few kernels in a Ziploc baggie.

My other faves from Angie’s shop are:

Puzzle soap! I know this is supposed to be for kids but I think I want some for me.

And soap to go for kids. This is on my list for when my son gets a little older.

Another great shop with kid stuff is Monster Bug Blankets

I just purchased these Easter egg crayons for my son to give his preschool classmates. They came individually wrapped and each crayon is nestled in Easter grass. They are so cute. I am more excited about these crayons than he is! And now she has flower crayons! These little flowers would be so cute for birthday party goodies.

My other faves from Monster’s shop:

Monogrammed towel set! And don’t think these are just for little kids. They would also be perfect for your college student.

Check out the tow truck t-shirt. It is so hard to find cute boy clothes on Etsy but Monster has several boy items that are just too adorable.


  1. Great feature! I love both shops! My boys each have a set of Monster's towels and love them!! The popcorn soap is a riot!

  2. I can second suds n such's cool kid soaps!!!! I bought a humongous bag of jelly bean soaps from her--and the kids go NUTS for them at bath time. They smell just like jelly beans, too! And are perfect sized for one, long bath. I think several of them in a baggie with a cute wash cloth would be a GREAT party favor or easter basket surprise!

    Thanks for featuring me! ;) I have so much fun making cool stuff for kids! Especially my own two! And they are my testing grounds! ;)

  3. What a great feature! So many fun things to choose from!

  4. How FUN! Thanks for sharing! Love the popcorn soap!