Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gettin' Crafty

It is craft show time again! With the addition of my headbands, hair clippies, bobby pins, brooches, and bookmarks, I needed some new display stuff. I searched up and down the web for ways to display my headbands on my grid walls but came up empty. Not to mention, I have several shows that are pre-set (i.e., I gots no say in the set up!) and my grid walls would not work. I finally found a cool display idea and reworked it to meet my needs.

I started out with a 2' tall, 4" round piece of PVC, some spray glue, a wooden base, some red spray paint, 4 "L" brackets, batting, and fabric.

I spray painted the base, as well as my new magnet tray, in a deep red that matches my color scheme.

And yes, I got in trouble for spray painting the grass!

From there I sprayed the glue on to the batting. I had several odd sized pieces of batting left from memory boards so I improvised and glued individual pieces instead of one giant piece.
Next up was the fabric. This was a little more difficult than I imagined it would be because not only was I covered in glue but the fabric didn't meet all the way in the back. Hmmmm. I had to figure out how to make that look good. But first... a little break...
Oh, and some time with my little helper...
Oops, that guy isn't helping. Back to work.
See how it doesn't meet? Never fear, the ribbon queen is here!
Phew... the headband fits!
Next up was putting on the "L" brackets. My other helper handles the drill for me since I have a tendency to hurt myself with power tools. He also really enjoys measuring so this was a good project for him.
All those nights of watching the DIY channel have paid off. He is so proud! Or maybe deranged. I haven't decided yet.
And here it is!
What is that thing on the top? Well, my top didn't look so good so I had to find a way to cover up all the messy glued pieces. And since I make flowers...


  1. Very nice! Great job. And love the deranged look.

  2. You're so clever!