Monday, June 14, 2010

A Poll

I've decided that the Hold It! shop needs its own look. I'm applying to several fall craft shows and I think that shop needs the whole shebang to help it stand out and have folks remember me (that is the whole point in doing shows right?). But... I can't decide what I want. I had a great set picked out but the seller hasn't gotten back to me on changes. As an Etsy seller who prides herself in good customer service, I'm a little frustrated with that.

So, I need your help. Leave a comment with the number you think I should choose!

#1 Wild Things
#2 Film Noir
#3 Monochrome Damask

#4 Red Vines

#5 Girlie Swirly


  1. I vote for:
    #4 - Red vines

    It is east to read, simple, yet elegant and easy to read.

  2. Oh hard decision! I think I vote for #1 wild things