Friday, April 9, 2010

Proof I'm Doing a Craft Show

In preparation for the craft show, I thought I would share with y'all what goes into it.

First, there is figuring out the set up. So far, no two shows have been the same, so flexibility has been key. Practicing the set up ahead of time is great. Except it all never goes back onto the table the same once you get there. Kind of like the toy that never goes back into the packaging the same! I put my set up together the other day in the backyard. It was a breezy day so it was a good way to figure out what will stand up and what will need to be nailed down. Next comes sorting out the merchandise. I am incredibly organized in my workspace but somehow getting stuff packed up always ends up looking like this.I can hardly walk in there right now and am trying to figure out how I am going to get to the stuff still in the closet. Panda isn't coming along, he is just sitting guard right now. And here is the mysterious disappearing tablecloth. The flowers sitting on top will be part of the display table and the flowers in the tub are all packaged and ready to be sold. Doesn't it look like a fun garden?

Somewhere in the middle is getting display pieces ready. This time I am using spring colored buckets and flower magnets to look like a bucket of flowers. Doesn't everyone love a bucket of flowers? For those of you who might want to stop by and shop at the craft show, you could win a chance to get 50% off your entire purchase. Yep! I am offering scratch off tickets and you could get a really good deal. If you want to do scratch off tickets for your customers, there is a great tutorial at Artmind. Now, I realize that painting is not my strong suit but hopefully a customer getting 50% off won't care about that!
I hope everyone in the area will stop by and say hello on April 17 & 18. The Fred Heutte Center, 1000 Botetourt Gardens ~ Norfolk, Virginia 23507-1866


  1. Looks good!!! I hope you do well and enjoy the show!

  2. Looks wonderful, Kim! I love the packaging (pic #3)! :)

  3. I LOVE the Fred Heutte Center-we took ballroom dancing lessons there when we lived in Hampton Roads...You are making me miss the area :) The flower "pots" look great!

  4. Can you tell me what time the craft show is both days?! I can't find times online. Thanks!

  5. Allison it is 9-4 on Saturday and 10-4 on Sunday.