Friday, February 19, 2010

Easter Goodies

Easter is just six short weeks away… what will the bunny be putting in the baskets this year? I am the first to admit that I give my son candy in his basket. I believe that kids should be kids and they have lots of time for salad. Let’s face it, not many of our childhood memories include carrot sticks! But, I know a lot of folks would rather give something sweet that doesn’t have sugar. Need some ideas? Well, here you go…

Check out these Easter egg crayons from fellow Homefront member Monster Bug Blankets. They are seriously cute!

This Fold & Go art folio is so awesome for the budding artist.

Unfortunately, my son isn’t much of a doodler and would rather hand me the crayon and order me to draw him an airplane. And he will be the first to tell you that I’m not much of an artist!

Have a bigger kid who is past the drawing stage? How about a crochet beanie from The Yarn Chick, another Homefront member? Or how about a t-shirt they can wear when they rock out to Guitar Hero? Of course if you want to give candy (or just want to treat yourself!) order up a pound of these yummy peanut butter cups from Nikid! I think I gained 10 pounds just looking at the photo.

Camillam offers a different kind of Cadbury Egg but this one won’t rot your child’s teeth. It may make them feel spoiled rotten though! The best part? It works for a boy or girl. For you military families, she has some fantastic pals that are branch specific.

Remember getting that new Easter dress and shoes when you were a kid? This little dress almost makes me want to have a little girl Almost…

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  1. Nice finds!! Thank you for including my chocolates!! That hat by TheYarnChick is great - both my boys have them!