Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My workspace

Several months ago I got fed up with working at the kitchen table. I had to clean up my supplies every night in time for dinner or we had to eat around everything. Not to mention I have a toddler so it meant trying to sterilize the table after every meal so that nothing transferred to the fabric and ribbon. But mostly, I needed far more space for supplies than the Rubbermaid ™ tub was allowing for.

I initially tried moving to the game room over our garage but one trip up there on a hot summer day changed my mind. My husband and I finally decided that the guest room was being wasted just waiting for the houseguests who never arrive. The only catch… I have to share the room with the bed that will become my son’s and all the bears I have collected. I love my space. The best part is that I can close the door and leave the mess behind. I never have to worry about my son getting into stuff or peanut butter and jelly ending up on expensive fabric.

The desk where the magic happens.
I have my very own memory board that I am in the process of filling.

These tubs hold the finished memory boards

The fabric collection (and my yarn stash as well!)

I share my space with my teddy bear collection.

The shelves that hold all the magnets

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